Sunday, August 2, 2009

I will seal up RM50 tat Yu Min gave me xD

Almost few weeks didn't write blog le...
because of something, don't know how to explain here(actually I worry someone view it>.<")

Last night finally I've went to MOS...there play ger music reli 'xia shui'~
stil say wat 'Ministry of Sound' pui..!
hmm..last nite actually I'm not very happy, first because appearance of Ping; secondly, I stil missin' her..
I want to emphasize tat...I'm not unhappy because of Geraldine coming, but is..I'm stil feelin' tat she "ngan jor jor" to me,
think deeply I & her complicated relationship already past half year le..but when meet each other like meet ghost

So that whole night I just stay behind our table take care of our alcohol only...
at the same time girl who was beside me already drunk and keep finding guys to kiss with her, one of the guy saw this situation don't 'sek ju xiong' mie! How long I standing there, how long they 'da k lun', almost half and hour..non-stop~

After that they all take photo together, but I'm embarassed to join them...
a'bit dissapointed didn't make much contact with Min xD I'm not hamsap, I just admire her singing skill only...
that night if don't grasp advantage, maybe future no chance meet together le...
after all she's ASQ champ now, waiting for release album le.

After finished pou, with Kok Hoong and Yun Ting eat & watch football match a while at Steven Corner..
then finished this depressing Thursday late night~

(Special dedicated to my buddy_R0n=)

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